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Spring Break Day One ~ Day 26

My goal for today was to stay in my pajamas as long as possible. I’m a goal crushing machine because I crushed this goal! It was almost lunchtime when I showered and got dressed. It was glorious! 

We have some great friends coming over tonight. We are so looking forward to this get together. The adults will hang out upstairs as the kids trek down to the basement to play together. This spring break is off to a great start, and it is only day 1! Just like I’ve mentioned before, my goals for spring break are pretty small. With 3 young kids I just want to soak the moments up here at home. In such a busy life and world, it is so nice to just slow down and pause.


4 responses to “Spring Break Day One ~ Day 26”

  1. sounds about perfect. funny how goals and notions of what constitutes as fun changes, like most everything else, with kids. happy for you – enjoy!


  2. Sounds like a great start!


  3. Great start to your spring break! Enjoy!!


  4. Love it! That’s a great start to break!!


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