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Parent Teacher Conferences-Day 14

The day begins normally, my alarm goes off at the same time, I get to school and plan with my teaching partner-a normal Thursday morning. The only difference about this day, is that I won’t be returning home until after 8:00 pm tonight.

We had a half-day of school today. The ONLY half day of the entire school year. So you can imagine the buzz around the classroom and hallways as the students celebrated leaving school at 11:40. We had a normal day-math, reading, chromes…and of course we still had snack!

After the students left, we had a delicious luncheon together as a staff. It’s so nice when we have the opportunity to all eat together so I can see my friends that I usually don’t eat lunch with. Then the conferences will begin and I am BOOKED till the end! I did save myself one slot for a bathroom break. My head is buzzing as I hope I communicate effectively everything that I want to say to the parents. I have 28 students in my classroom this year, so I have a lot to keep track of when it comes to communicating. Here we go…


6 responses to “Parent Teacher Conferences-Day 14”

  1. Wow! Only ONE half day? Do you have a lot of institute days? So interesting how every district is different. I love having the time to get together as a full staff. Hope conferences when well and you get to rest a little. I also hope you aren’t working tomorrow.

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    1. We seem to have Institute days once a month or every 6 weeks or so. We were supposed to get out of school before Memorial Day this year but have had a ton of snow days and will be going till end of May now.


  2. Only one half day all year? It seems as though we have at least one a month. This month we have two!

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  3. I knew I was in trouble today when four kids brought a lunch. I frantically began emailing parents to remind them that we dismissed at 11:40. Luckily, the office began making calls to the parents that did not respond. I hope you have a few more breaks in your schedule tomorrow!

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  4. It is crazy how many we can get through in one night. I had a 15 minute break that turned into a 6 minute break when a parent showed up early. I thought about the fact that I basically just talked for five straight hours. Crazy. Hope yours went well! One more day! One more week!!

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  5. It sounds so challenging to have all the conferences on one day! I hope they went well and weren’t too exhausting!


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