The Last Day of March-Day 31

March sure went by fast. Now tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. I have to literally put an alert in my phone to remind myself that it is April Fool’s Day because my brother-in-law usually tries to prank me. Since this challenge has been on my mind each day, I know the end of March is nearing and I know I will be ready this year, and not fall for any of his tricks!

This was a great challenge, I enjoyed writing each day. As some other Slicers mentioned in their posts today, this can be a great connection to our students’ frustration when they do not have an idea to write about. Sometimes the smallest thing that I wrote about elicited the most responses and positive comments. You really never know how your writing will impact another person, and it has been very fun interacting with others through this challenge.

Happy last day of March, I hope that everyone has a great end to the school year!

Happy Birthday! -Day 30

Today is my dear friend, and teaching partner’s birthday! If you read some of my earlier posts, you know how much I love my birthday…and celebrating the whole month of March. Well, my teaching partner really goes through the month so kindly letting me have my month to celebrate. Although she quietly reminds people that her birthday is in March, too! 🙂 🙂

So, today is her birthday! I sent her a text as soon as I woke up to make sure I got the celebratory wishes in ASAP! I even sent the text with the “balloons” effect! 🙂

Once we go back to school after Spring Break, it will be April and I think she is thrilled that “my month” of celebrating is over and we can get back to some sort of normal.

But today is her day! And I want to wish her a Happy Birthday for all to see!…Just don’t tell her it is my dog’s birthday, too. So she is STILL sharing the celebrations! 🙂

Friday-Day 29

Today is Friday. Usually those three words make me feel so joyful! The weekend is ahead which means a ton of family time, and a slower-paced schedule than the past week. However, this is the Friday of Spring Break, and today it signals to me that Spring Break is ending.

I don’t know where the week went. I say this every year. Last time I checked it was Tuesday, and now I blinked and it is Friday evening. I checked off only one thing from my Spring Break to-do list, and that was get my car detailed. I did that today since it’s Friday and I almost missed the deadline of completing at least one thing from my list!

I don’t know why Friday is so scary when I have the weekend ahead, but man, I am already beginning to think about my school to-do list and all of the things that await me when I return. I am going to stop thinking this way, and enjoy the last few days of relaxation!

Friends-Day 28

We are making the most of Spring Break! Today we got together with a few of my childhood friends and their children. It is very special to have friends that have known you for your entire life. It is especially cool to then have your children in each other’s lives.

Today we got together at one of their houses for brunch and a play date. My son is the youngest one, and he is very spirited! He rarely sits down for more than a few minutes. The other kids range in age from 3rd grade-sophomore in high school. By the end of the morning, all of the big kids were laying down on the couch, exhausted from my son’s play demands. 🙂

I think a nap surely followed for all of the kids, including my son who was very tuckered out from a fun day with friends!

A Nap after Napa-Day 27

Today was my first day home after our trip to Napa Valley, California. We did a lot of walking, wine tasting, eating, and laughing! Travel is always exhausting even though you are just sitting on the plane doing nothing! The flight was about 4 hours, which is long to me. We visit family by plane but that plane ride is an hour and a half. The longer flight was a bit of a shock for me.

Today, I threw all my laundry in, unpacked, grocery shopped, you know. The usual after a trip. I’m so lucky to still be on Spring Break so I have the time to recover after the trip.

Which leads me to what happened next. I put my son down for a nap this afternoon. I had laundry going, had done the above errands I mentioned, so it was only natural that I laid down. And napped. For an hour and a half! I am not a napper. I usually use my son’s nap as an hour and a half to power through a job I need to finish, tidy up, work on school work, etc. But today, I napped. And it was lovely!

All Good Things Must End-Day 26

Today is travel home day from our nice relaxing trip. I’m sitting in our hotel room right now, looking at all of the things I need to pack up so that we can head to the airport to make our flight home. Even though this trip has really been so beneficial in many ways, I’m okay with heading back. I miss my son terribly! This is the longest I have been apart from him, ever. I can’t wait to see him and snuggle him and give him the monster school bus and dinosaur we picked out for him at a local toy shop.

Also, it is only Tuesday of Spring Break. I still have half the week left to enjoy. I have plans to see friends, be with family and maybe even catch up on some of those shows stuck in my DVR!

So as relaxing, rejuvinating and amazing this trip is, I’m ready to get home and see my little man. And, I still haven’t read much of my book so the plane ride won’t be so bad!

Sleeping In-Day 25

Yesterday was the first full day of our trip. My husband and I are traveling kid-free for a few days. We had a late flight in and got to our hotel room around midnight, but that felt like 2 am “our time” from Chicago. I can’t even begin to remember the last time I stayed up until 2 am. Probably when my son wouldn’t sleep as an infant. Not because I was out with friends. So I was SURE the next day I would sleep in. Knowing that I didn’t have a monitor at the side of my bed to check in on throughout the night, knowing I wouldn’t hear the sound of my son calling for me at an early moring hour, I thought I’d sleep in.

Well, it turns out that Mom alarm clock follows you on vacation! I woke up around the same time I always do, even after my late night the night before. Even on vacation I can’t sleep in!

Well, I just woke up this morning. The second day of our trip. And I slept in abit more than yesterday, but still, nothing crazy. I bet you I will get all set into this time zone as soon as we board the plane tomorrow! Then the rest of the week sure will be tricky in getting back in a groove. Thank goodness for Spring Break!

Thank Goodness for Room Service!-Day 24

Last night we flew in to our destination in California around 11 pm. We were exhausted from an afternoon and evening of traveling and couldn’t wait to check in to our room, crawl into bed and sleep in!

We check in at the lobby and the man hands us our room keys. Room 4208. We haul our luggage to the elevator and begin making our way to our room. Now it is approaching midnight. We get to the door of our room and my husband reaches to scan our key but I stop him. There is a sign hanging on the door. I look closely at it and realize it is a room service order for breakfast in the morning. Someone is in the room that we are assigned to stay in! I tell my husband that we need to go to the lobby but he scans the key and the light turns green! He doesn’t try to open the door.

We go back to the lobby and explain what happens. Can you imagine what would have happend if they didn’t order room service in the morning!? We would have walked in, around midnight, with our luggage into an occupied room! That would not have been the way to start our vacation. Thankfully they set us up in a new room, I asked them to check it was vaccant before we rolled up to it. Twenty minutes later we were opening the door to our very own, vacant room!

March Madness-Day 23

I love watching sports. I am not very athletic and I don’t like sweating, so playing sports really isn’t my thing. But I’ll hang with the guys and watch Bears games on Sundays, Cubs games and Blackhawks games, too. I know enough about the rules of these sports to hold a decent conversation, and I really enjoy the pride you have in a team and the unity that goes along with sports.

That being said, I also love when you can put money on games! Our school does Fantasy Football, Super Bowl Squares, and March Madness brackets. I am into all of them and love watching the games and cheering for my “team.”

I currently have 26 points in my March Madness pool at school, and I am leading the board! I know this could all go downhill quickly if Virginia loses in the next round since that is who I have picked to win it all. But for now, it is fun to be at the front, and I will enjoy it while I am there!!

Unprepared-Day 22

Today is the last day of school before we are out for a week of relaxation, recharging, and most importantly-no alarm setting! Spring Break! My husband and I are going on a weekend trip. We leave tomorrow and I am feeling UNPREPARED! And when I say unprepared I mean, I have done absolutely nothing. I haven’t even pulled my suitcase out of the closet. I always have hated packing, and I even more so hate unpacking. I don’t know what kind of clothing to pack, because the weather is looking dicey.

I consistently forget at least one item each time I travel, which is really not the end of the world because I am not traveling to remote places, and there is usually a Target or something similar where I can pick up an item or two.

My goal tonight is to get all of my clothes packed for the trip, and get my son ready to go to Nana’s. Thankfully she has everything he will need at her house, I will just need to pack his PJs and clothes. She makes it so easy on me!

So, I have a goal in mind. I hope I make some good progress on this packing thing. We will see how my memory does with remembering items for the trip. Here we go!