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Be Kind. ~Day 3

As I’m getting ready for work, I put on my outfit for today. My shirt reads “Be kind.” It’s such a simple statement. Yet, are we doing this each and every day? Are we setting the example for our children both in the classroom and at home? You read all of these “feel good” messages on social media about how our kids are watching us. Watch what you say, watch how you act… the kids are watching. It is SO true. They sure are watching.

In two weeks we have my son’s kindergarten parent teacher conference. I have started to jot down some questions that I want to ask his teacher. Guess what? Not one single question is about his academic performance. I want to know how he treats other kids. Is he kind? Does he play nicely with friends? Does he handle it ok when he loses a game? Does he get along with most kids? I want to know how he behaves socially. These are the formative years and I want him to have a very strong foundation in kindness and socialization. We do all we can as parents to try and instill this at home, but they go to school and we aren’t supervising that! Have they actually listened to us and are practicing what we preach? Well, I guess I’ll find out in two weeks! 🙂

I also want to know if he advocates for himself. Does he ask for help when needed? If he’s anything like me in school he probably doesn’t! I never wanted to get in trouble or say or do the wrong thing. I hope he knows he can raise his hand and his teacher will help him. 

So, as we start this chilly Thursday morning, if you are reading this, I hope someone does something kind for you!


5 responses to “Be Kind. ~Day 3”

  1. I have found myself placing way more emphasis on all of these things too at my son’s conferences. To me, kindness, self-advocacy, emotional regulation…these are life skills and ultimately, I know it will help him make true friends and connections, leading, hopefully, to long-term happiness. It’s funny how despite knowing how important the academic skills are, we both find ourselves way more concerned about SEL and how our boys are coping. I believe that the SE skills are almost MORE important, or maybe more like a prerequisite for success in all other areas. It makes me feel good to know that this generation of kids are at least being exposed to SEL skills in school since we didn’t get too much of that in school.

    Your beautiful kids are blessed to have such a caring, nurturing mama! ❤

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  2. Same here. My son is in 6th grade and struggles socially. So I always ask about that kind of stuff first. Both in how the others are treating him and how he is treating them and handling different social situations.

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  3. You have very good questions to take with you to the conference. They show your values. I hope the teacher appreciates this. And I am sure you will hear some heart warming comments.

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  4. When I send my son to childcare everyday I hope that he is kind. He can be anything he wants to be … but the biggest hope we have for his little life is that he is kind and is a helper. You are doing the right thing. Keep hoping and nurturing like you are.

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  5. I love this and it does not surprise me that you are this kind of parent. My kids are now in 6th and 8th grade. Of course, there have been some academic struggles along the way, but for the most part, I have trusted that each teacher my children have had are doing everything they can. Of course, I ask if there is anything extra I can do to help, but my conferences have always been about them as people, not students.
    Are they kind?
    Are they respectful?
    Do they listen in class?
    Do they disrupt others learning?
    Are they helpful without being bossy?
    etc, etc, etc.

    It starts at home and no doubts your boys will be amazing! Good luck at conferences!


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