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My Birthday Month ~ Day 1

Yes. I am THAT person. I love my birthday, and I celebrate it all month long. Everyone in my family knows how I begin celebrating March 1st. My brother in law sent me a text this morning wishing me happy birthday. My actual birthday is March 21st! 

My principal also knows this fun fact about me, and he also jumps in to celebrate all month. He sends a daily email each morning with important information for the day, and today, he wished me a happy birthday month! 

I don’t really know how this grew to be such a big thing. And in fact, I really don’t do very much to celebrate all month long. I just have taken over the month of March with gearing up for my birthday!

I will say, I wonder if someday this excitement surrounding my birthday will change as the number keeps growing higher and higher. I still feel like I just graduated from college, and then I remember the year and realize that I am WELL into adulthood. So, maybe someday I will cringe as my birthday approaches and the number is increasing in the age category, but for today and this month, I will celebrate!


12 responses to “My Birthday Month ~ Day 1”

  1. I am also a big fan of my birthday and love to stretch it out! Unfortunately in my family there are 3 September birthdays so I can’t claim the whole month lol but I definitely understand the excitement!

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  2. This sounds like an endearing quality–and based on the reactions from others in your life, they agree! Happy birthday month to you! I hope you enjoy every moment.

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  3. This is one of my favorite things about you. Celebration, joy, and positivity. Your birthday is something positive for the whole building to focus on in March;)

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    1. Oh my gosh! This is so kind! Thanks Melissa!!!


  4. I love my birthday too!! I love that you celebrate yours so much! And I love that your principal even gave you a shout-out to start your birthday month!

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  5. I love how you celebrate you and how much joy you spread to those around you just by doing that. Please do not let the excitement surrounding your birthday ever ebb because every day you do that, you are giving each one around you a reason to love and celebrate themselves.

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  6. I am a March birthday too 🙂 While I am MUCH older than you, I do love celebrating the memories I made the previous year and always look forward to the year to come!

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  7. Your title had me popping in. We’ll celebrate this month together. Mine is the 16th…My husband calls March ‘The season of Debbie’ because as he says, “It seems like we celebrate your birthday all month long!” 🙂 Happy Writing

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  8. I love that this is such a well established tradition that everyone knows to celebrate it starting March 1!

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  9. How fun is it that everyone knows this factoid about you! Welcome back.

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  10. We love celebrating your birthday month with you. After getting through February at school we have something to look forward to in March. You will not like the birthdays as much once your numbers become bigger multiples of 10. LOL.

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    1. That’s what I am afraid of!! I have to enjoy this before I get TOO old! 🙂


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