The Last Day of March-Day 31

March sure went by fast. Now tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. I have to literally put an alert in my phone to remind myself that it is April Fool’s Day because my brother-in-law usually tries to prank me. Since this challenge has been on my mind each day, I know the end of March is nearing and I know I will be ready this year, and not fall for any of his tricks!

This was a great challenge, I enjoyed writing each day. As some other Slicers mentioned in their posts today, this can be a great connection to our students’ frustration when they do not have an idea to write about. Sometimes the smallest thing that I wrote about elicited the most responses and positive comments. You really never know how your writing will impact another person, and it has been very fun interacting with others through this challenge.

Happy last day of March, I hope that everyone has a great end to the school year!

3 responses to “The Last Day of March-Day 31”

  1. Thank you! You too. It was fun reading your posts.


  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts this month and getting a glimpse into your life. This was my birthday month, too, and reading about the ways you celebrate the month made the month feel more celebratory for me, too. 🙂 I hope you keep posting on the weekly slices of life–I’ll miss reading about you and your family!


  3. I’ve had the similar experience that some of my shortest posts that I thought were sort of throw aways were the most popular!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. Til next year!


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