Friends-Day 28

We are making the most of Spring Break! Today we got together with a few of my childhood friends and their children. It is very special to have friends that have known you for your entire life. It is especially cool to then have your children in each other’s lives.

Today we got together at one of their houses for brunch and a play date. My son is the youngest one, and he is very spirited! He rarely sits down for more than a few minutes. The other kids range in age from 3rd grade-sophomore in high school. By the end of the morning, all of the big kids were laying down on the couch, exhausted from my son’s play demands. 🙂

I think a nap surely followed for all of the kids, including my son who was very tuckered out from a fun day with friends!

One thought on “Friends-Day 28

  1. So fun! It is such a gift to be with people with whom you have such a long history, isn’t it? I love the image of all the “big kids” tuckered out by your son. How lovely that the kids get to enjoy each other, too.


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