Friday-Day 29

Today is Friday. Usually those three words make me feel so joyful! The weekend is ahead which means a ton of family time, and a slower-paced schedule than the past week. However, this is the Friday of Spring Break, and today it signals to me that Spring Break is ending.

I don’t know where the week went. I say this every year. Last time I checked it was Tuesday, and now I blinked and it is Friday evening. I checked off only one thing from my Spring Break to-do list, and that was get my car detailed. I did that today since it’s Friday and I almost missed the deadline of completing at least one thing from my list!

I don’t know why Friday is so scary when I have the weekend ahead, but man, I am already beginning to think about my school to-do list and all of the things that await me when I return. I am going to stop thinking this way, and enjoy the last few days of relaxation!

5 responses to “Friday-Day 29”

  1. I feel sad for you! The week of spring break always goes by much too fast.


  2. I had to laugh at your checking one thing off your list at the last minute!
    But you did…write every day! Give yourself credit!
    I do know the feeling you describe very well. That week stretches ahead with limitless possibilities, then you blink and its over. Enjoy the weekend to the max!

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  3. I was seriously just thinking the same thing. If we were in school this week it still would be Tuesday. Since it is break, it flies so fast. I hope the last two days go slow before we have to go back to the grind.

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  4. Yes… I am right there with you. I always dislike the Friday of spring break for this exactly! Summer is coming…


  5. I love how your post made me think about the difference in what Friday normally means and what it means during spring break. It’s so true!


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