Thank Goodness for Room Service!-Day 24

Last night we flew in to our destination in California around 11 pm. We were exhausted from an afternoon and evening of traveling and couldn’t wait to check in to our room, crawl into bed and sleep in!

We check in at the lobby and the man hands us our room keys. Room 4208. We haul our luggage to the elevator and begin making our way to our room. Now it is approaching midnight. We get to the door of our room and my husband reaches to scan our key but I stop him. There is a sign hanging on the door. I look closely at it and realize it is a room service order for breakfast in the morning. Someone is in the room that we are assigned to stay in! I tell my husband that we need to go to the lobby but he scans the key and the light turns green! He doesn’t try to open the door.

We go back to the lobby and explain what happens. Can you imagine what would have happend if they didn’t order room service in the morning!? We would have walked in, around midnight, with our luggage into an occupied room! That would not have been the way to start our vacation. Thankfully they set us up in a new room, I asked them to check it was vaccant before we rolled up to it. Twenty minutes later we were opening the door to our very own, vacant room!

4 responses to “Thank Goodness for Room Service!-Day 24”

  1. This post went a very different direction than I expected, but I totally agree with you. Thank heaven for room service. I’ve walked into an occupied room, and it’s a teeny bit embarrassing!

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  2. That could’ve been awkward! It would’ve made for a good story though! Have fun on your trip!

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  3. That could have been a very frightening moment. Enjoy your vacation.

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  4. Goodness, thankfully you saw the sign, you wonder who would have been more embarrassed, you or the other occupants!!

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