Sleeping In-Day 25

Yesterday was the first full day of our trip. My husband and I are traveling kid-free for a few days. We had a late flight in and got to our hotel room around midnight, but that felt like 2 am “our time” from Chicago. I can’t even begin to remember the last time I stayed up until 2 am. Probably when my son wouldn’t sleep as an infant. Not because I was out with friends. So I was SURE the next day I would sleep in. Knowing that I didn’t have a monitor at the side of my bed to check in on throughout the night, knowing I wouldn’t hear the sound of my son calling for me at an early moring hour, I thought I’d sleep in.

Well, it turns out that Mom alarm clock follows you on vacation! I woke up around the same time I always do, even after my late night the night before. Even on vacation I can’t sleep in!

Well, I just woke up this morning. The second day of our trip. And I slept in abit more than yesterday, but still, nothing crazy. I bet you I will get all set into this time zone as soon as we board the plane tomorrow! Then the rest of the week sure will be tricky in getting back in a groove. Thank goodness for Spring Break!

5 thoughts on “Sleeping In-Day 25

  1. A kid-free vacation and you wake up early?!?!?!? Argh! I know that feeling. That’s happened to me when my husband and I have stolen away for our anniversary. How is it that our mom alarm clocks stay intact when we travel?

    Enjoy the rest of your time away!

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  2. I swear, it’s like a mom curse! Even the days where my husband gets up with my little one to let me “sleep in,” I just can’t seem to do that. Once I hear her cry/up, it’s like my mom brain can’t shut off. Hopefully you’re able to turn on vacation mom mode before your trip is over. Regardless, enjoy your kid-free time! 🙂

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