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March Madness-Day 23

I love watching sports. I am not very athletic and I don’t like sweating, so playing sports really isn’t my thing. But I’ll hang with the guys and watch Bears games on Sundays, Cubs games and Blackhawks games, too. I know enough about the rules of these sports to hold a decent conversation, and I really enjoy the pride you have in a team and the unity that goes along with sports.

That being said, I also love when you can put money on games! Our school does Fantasy Football, Super Bowl Squares, and March Madness brackets. I am into all of them and love watching the games and cheering for my “team.”

I currently have 26 points in my March Madness pool at school, and I am leading the board! I know this could all go downhill quickly if Virginia loses in the next round since that is who I have picked to win it all. But for now, it is fun to be at the front, and I will enjoy it while I am there!!


6 responses to “March Madness-Day 23”

  1. jumpofffindwings Avatar

    Good Luck! Our school did brackets, and I always was the first to be eliminated.I can appreciate what you say about the camaraderie of watching with other sports fans.I even catch the bug during big competitions though generally indifferent.

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  2. This one is written in my language. There is a bonding mentality that comes with people who feel like this about sports. This means you’re my people and vice versa. Simple things. Good luck, and have fun!

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  3. Cheryl Reynolds Avatar
    Cheryl Reynolds

    I love that you have the Hoos winning it all. I do too. Yesterday’s first half was a bit unsettling, but the boys got it together and figured it out.

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  4. Always a fun what to connect with friend and staff! Good luck!

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  5. I am not so into watching sports, so your comment really struck me: “I really enjoy the pride you have in a team and the unity that goes along with sports.” I hadn’t really thought about watching sports from that perspective. Good luck with your bracket!

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  6. Here’s to hoping your bracket holds! I love a good competition.

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