Unprepared-Day 22

Today is the last day of school before we are out for a week of relaxation, recharging, and most importantly-no alarm setting! Spring Break! My husband and I are going on a weekend trip. We leave tomorrow and I am feeling UNPREPARED! And when I say unprepared I mean, I have done absolutely nothing. I haven’t even pulled my suitcase out of the closet. I always have hated packing, and I even more so hate unpacking. I don’t know what kind of clothing to pack, because the weather is looking dicey.

I consistently forget at least one item each time I travel, which is really not the end of the world because I am not traveling to remote places, and there is usually a Target or something similar where I can pick up an item or two.

My goal tonight is to get all of my clothes packed for the trip, and get my son ready to go to Nana’s. Thankfully she has everything he will need at her house, I will just need to pack his PJs and clothes. She makes it so easy on me!

So, I have a goal in mind. I hope I make some good progress on this packing thing. We will see how my memory does with remembering items for the trip. Here we go!

5 thoughts on “Unprepared-Day 22

  1. The important part is you are going away! I am jealous. The rest you will figure out. Grab a drink, toss some clothes in, and you will be on your way. Have fun and have a great break!


  2. It really doesn’t matter — you have total freedom, no pressure, just relaxation! Enjoy that spring break! Enjoy your getaway with your husband! (Bonus comment – I’m a new Nana…love that your son already has everything he needs at Nana’s – thank you for giving me a great idea as our little one grows 😉

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  3. Have a great vacation! Instead of under-packing, I always make the mistake of stuffing my suitcase with twice as many clothes as I need for a trip. The catch is, I don’t know which half of my stuff I’ll use, and which clothes I could have left behind. Oh, well. Enjoy the change of scene!

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