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Sleepover With My Mom-Day 20

My mom lives about 15-20 minutes from my house, we talk daily and I see her often during the week because she watches my son 3 days a week. Even so, it seems like when we are together during the week, it is hectic and we don’t get to “talk.” She is filling me in on what my son did today, and I’m confirming what time we will drop him off the next morning. It’s hectic.

So tonight, we had a sleepover! She stayed for dinner and then we had the evening together to really talk and catch up on all of the topics we don’t usually get to in our quick run-ins during the week. She is staying in our guest room, that my son calls “Nana’s Room.” She has a room to herself (That we keep dog free since she is allergic!) I know she appreciates having her own space in my house. I’m glad that she uses the room and has sleepovers just like tonight! Even though she is exhausted from a busy day with my son, and I am exhausted from a busy day with my 27 students + my son, we caught up! Now, I am going to get to folding that laundry that I mentioned from a few days ago in my blog. It’s still there, and it still needs folding. I’m feeling adventurous toningt and plan on tackling it! Wish me luck!


3 responses to “Sleepover With My Mom-Day 20”

  1. I love this! My mom lives 2 hours away now, and it’s hard to not see her very often. Glad you got to catch up with your mom.

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  2. That is so sweet that you have catch up time with your Mom. The chores are always going to be there!!

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  3. How lovely that your mom has a room in your house where she can sleep over. It sounds like it was probably a special evening for both of you.


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