Winning the Lottery-Day 12

Ok, so I’m playing the lottery hoping for a win. I just started yesterday. The lottery that I am playing doesn’t cost a penny…why you ask? Because I am playing the Hamilton tickets lottery!

I haven’t seen Hamilton yet. I feel so left out. I want to see it so badly, but the tickets are pricey, we would need to coordinate a babysitter, and plus…I’m tired at night and like to be in bed with PJs.

So even though winning the Hamilton lottery won’t solve my need for a babysitter and the fact that I will have to delay wearing my PJs for a few hours, I still would be thrilled if I won!

I remember being at a PD conference this past summer and a teacher in the row behind me checked her phone before the keynote speaker took the stage. She started squealing with delight and couldn’t believe she had won the lottery…the Hamilton lottery! That inspired me to download the app. For some reason I didn’t get right on it. Now here I am, several months later and I downloaded the app (FINALLY) to my phone.

I am slightly concerned with the lack of planning this will cause if I am lucky enough to win because the show is usually 2 days from the day you win. Hopefully it won’t be a school night, and hopefully I can find a sitter. Beggars can’t be choosers if I win the lottery! Fingers crossed!

8 responses to “Winning the Lottery-Day 12”

  1. Good luck! I’ve heard amazing things about this show, too. It would be awesome if you got a chance to see it.

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  2. I’m reading (listening) to the book right now- good luck! I saw “In the Heights” years ago, and Lin Manuel is a very talented guy (understatement). I’ve often thought about trying to get in the “tonight show” lottery- my wife is a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon. Maybe I should give that lottery a try!

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  3. I love this image: “a teacher in the row behind me checked her phone before the keynote speaker took the stage. She started squealing with delight”–I can so imagine that! I hope it happens to you soon! Good luck with the lottery!


  4. Good Luck! I followed this site for awhile hoping to win as well. But no luck for me. I send all my good luck to you!


  5. Sarah You are taking me when you win right? That was pretty coo when that teacher won–it does really happen.


  6. I have been playing the same lottery! Good luck!

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  7. Fingers crossed you win the lottery, Sarah!

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  8. Go Sarah! What an exciting opportunity! I’m rooting for you to win too!

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