Sharing My Birthday Month-Day 11

March is my birthday month. Yes, I celebrate all month long. I don’t really know how this started but it is pretty much out of control now in the best way. Everyone at work knows how much I love my birthday and they wish me happy birthday all month long.

Well, as much as March is my month, I share it with two others from my household. My dog’s birthday is the end of the month, and today is my husband’s birthday. My friends joke that they would have for sure guessed that would have been a deal breaker, but here we are! šŸ™‚

My husband doesn’t really care about his birthday. This has always been so hard for me to understand because I care so much. A few weeks ago I started hinting around about his birthday and asked him what he wanted to do and what gift he wanted. He wasn’t giving me any ideas and always just blew it off and said he didn’t want to do anything. Then, last week I asked him if he wanted to go out to dinner yesterday or tonight to celebrate. “No, I’d rather just make a nice dinner at home.”

So, finally I got a gift idea out of him. He said he wanted to go to the store and buy something that he and my son could build or make together. So tonight, when he gets home from work we will eat a nice dinner that I have made at home, go to the store and buy something that he and our son can bond over, and he doesn’t know this yet, but we will have some amazing cupcakes for dessert that I picked up at this awesome bakery in our town! He may not want to celebrate all month long, but we sure will be celebrating him tonight, because he’s pretty awesome! Awesome enough that I don’t mind sharing my month with him!

3 responses to “Sharing My Birthday Month-Day 11”

  1. I think you and I were meant to be sisters and I think our husbands were meant to be brothers. My birthday was last week and I celebrated for the entire week. All of my friends think I need to turn it into a month long celebration. I love my friends. This is a bit hard on my husband, but he is great and goes along with my craziness. His birthday is in December and like your husband, my husband does not care about birthdays as much as I do.
    Happy Birthday Month!


  2. I can’t wait to get my 2 days of celebration this month!


  3. I can just hear him saying, “No, Iā€™d rather just make a nice dinner at home.ā€ My husband always says he doesn’t care about celebrating his birthday, but we always have a party anyway and he’s always happy about it. It’s nice for your husband that you put so much thought into making it a special day for him.


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