Subbing In Music-Day 8

My teaching partner and I both have student teachers this year. Our student teachers have been with us since the beginning of January. It has been so nice having another adult in the room with me! She is so helpful, great with the kids, and easy to talk to and plan with each day. We are both learning a lot from her time with me.

Earlier this week, our principal approached my teaching partner and me asking if one of us would be willing to sub in 4th grade that day due to the position not being filled by a substitute teacher, and since we had some coverage with our student teachers. We looked at each other, and then at our principal and asked if we could coteach together. He said, “Why not?” We were so excited! Then the sub showed up…and we were not needed.

So today, I was sitting at book club at 7:30 and our school secretary walked in with a note and handed it to our principal. My principal read the note, then looked up at me. “You’re up! How about music today?”

My teaching partner and I subbed in music today. We tried the warm up songs, the routines, the songs, dances and everything. Past students that we had were cracking up at us as we were making mistakes left and right! We were so out of our comfort zone, but laughing the whole time. Thankfully our real music teacher does such a great job all of the kids knew exactly what they were supposed to do. I think my teaching partner and I learned a thing or two!

Also, we rocked it at Freeze Dance! Just saying!

Today really made me realize what a tough job substitute teachers really have each day. We knew so many of the kids, that made it easier. However, not all subs have that benefit.

What a fun way to end the week!—-but I think I’ll go back to first grade on Monday!

5 responses to “Subbing In Music-Day 8”

  1. We’ve had, what I think is way too many, subs not fill jobs. I’ve subbed in a couple of classrooms, (which I don’t mind) when the admin is REALLY desperate. It builds my street cred. (I’m a literacy coach) It good to know the kids. I’m glad you had fun!


  2. Look at you being a team player. I can’t hold a tune, so this would be SO difficult for me. I bet it was nice to see some familiar student’s faces in a different setting! I am sure you and your teaching partner exchanged a lot of giggles throughout your day as the music subs!


  3. I’m going to request we sub art–we love glue, glitter, paint, etc…


  4. Sounds like fun and nice to have a partner in the mix. We use to do a job switch years ago where classroom teachers would take the music, art or gym class just so that we all really understood the jobs we do. We learn to really appreciate each other and the skills we all bring to the table. Nice way to learn.

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  5. Your post makes me think about the incredible gift it is to have a teaching partner you love to work with. How awesome that you two could co-teach together! I love how you told the story the way it unfolded, so I was expecting you to sub that first day, and then it didn’t happen. It really drew me in and made me want to know what was going to happen with the subbing.


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