Reality TV

So, I totally love all of the terrible reality TV out there. My DVR at any given moment is filled with Real Housewives of anything, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette…and the list goes on. My husband and I rarely share a common interest in a TV show that is on. He prefers documentaries, historical shows, and finance channels. I’m going to totally call him out though and say that there are some nights when he is the one that reminds me that The Bachelor is on because as much as he doesn’t want to admit it, he is intrigued!

Last night, I put my son to bed, read him his favorite books, gave him some snuggles, said our prayers….and ran down the stairs to watch the Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor. Even though this show is so silly, I just love it. My favorite part about watching this show, is having a discussion with my friends the next day at work. We laugh at some of the “dramatic moments,” and share our opinions of what we would have done differently if we were on the show. There are always so many good laughs and hilarious comments.

So it was about 10 minutes into the episode, the typical drama had already started. Girls were arguing about the details of an event this season. The moderator, Chris Harrison had to jump in numerous times to ask for one person to talk at a time. It was just getting to the good part. And guess what…

I FELL ASLEEP! Yup, right there on my couch. Out like a light. I woke up about an hour later, the TV was still on, playing the episode…my husband was on to something else. And I was so mad that I had let the days demands take away from my show.

So, I think tonight I will pour myself a nice hot cup of coffee, and try this again. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Reality TV

  1. Oh no! Sorry you slept through it. I’ve definitely fallen asleep on the couch after an exhausting day with eight and nine-year olds. And I’ve definitely reminded my wife that The Bachelor/ette was on (and got sucked into the drama of it all). Though, we haven’t watched an episode of this most recent season (yet).

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  2. I watched a recorded version ( well about 10 min) with my home from college daughter. She filled me in and we laughed. My DVR has many silly reality shows too….one of my secrets. As for the coffee at night, you are brave. I tend to save things for Saturday morning…my own personal TV time. No one is up so no judgments. We all have our things- glad you listened to your body. Sleep is critical for teachers whenever it comes.

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  3. I got sucked into the WTA too! (Something I don’t like to admit to publicly. Hence the acronym!) You missed NOTHING. Better to have slept.

    BTW: Did you hear that Ali F. thinks she knows who the next bachelorette will be?


  4. This is such an interesting line: “And I was so mad that I had let the days demands take away from my show. ” I generally think of going to sleep early or taking a nap as a treat for myself. It’s interesting to think of it as also taking away from other treats we give ourselves. Hope you got to enjoy the show today!

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