Grades, Grades and More Grades!

‘Twas the night before grades are due…and what are all good teachers doing?! Finishing that huge stack of grading that has been carted back and forth in our teacher bag for weeks! We all know it is coming. We get these deadlines months in advance. In this case, we even had an extension due to the 4 cold/snow days our district received this winter. And yet, I’m sure I am not alone in logging in tonight and entering my final grades for the second trimester.

Why is this always a scramble? Why can’t I enter my grades as I grade my assessments? Why can’t I take a few minutes at night and enter grades as I go? Finding a balance between work and home life has always been a challenge for me. When I was first teaching, single and living with my mom, I dedicated a lot of time to school work. My dinner was waiting for me when I got home, and I really didn’t have any responsibilities. Then, I got married and realized that nobody was cooking dinner for me Monday-Friday! 🙂 So I left work to make dinner for us after school.

Now, bring a child into this equation. And any type of “balance” there had been up till this point is gooooooooooone! I bring my work home in my bag. Tricking myself into thinking that I will open that bag at home and do some lesson planning or grading. But that heavy bag goes right back in the car the next morning. In fact, some days it doesn’t even come out of my car.

So, what is a mom/wife/teacher to do?! Well, I’ll tell you what I do. I make every minute that I am at school count. I get to school early. My husband does day care drop off as long as he is not traveling for work. That allows me to get to school around 6:30-6:45 and get a whole hour and a half of time to work on school stuff. Sometimes I stay a little bit after school, but I don’t stay as late as I used to as I now need to pick up my son from daycare, make dinner, and more. Making every minute of the time I am at school count is the best way that I have found a “balance” between work and home. It is a work in progress, but it is a start!

Good luck fellow teachers with an 8 a.m. grade deadline. We got this!

9 thoughts on “Grades, Grades and More Grades!

  1. You are speaking to so many of us tonight! Thank you for confirming that I am not the only teacher who lugs her bag home some days to never be taken out of the car! Cheers to finding balance.

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  2. I often take my papers on little vacation trips from school to home and back again without ever opening the schoolbag. You are doing a good job trying to figure out the balance. I am an empty nester and sometimes I forget that balance. I have to force myself to not to answer parent emails on the weekend and evenings. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. Good luck with the grading tonight! I understand completely. Before my son was born, the closest I managed to get to balance was keeping the work week under 70 hours (mostly) and trying to make sure I took off at least one weekend day per week for my sanity (most of the time). Totally not possible with a child! I gave up my classroom and taught online from home from the time my son was 1 1/2 until he turned 8 and started 3rd grade this year. Being back in the classroom this year is wonderful, any my bag is always carried back and forth, but not opened very often! You are definitely not alone with this problem!!!!

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  4. Everything you wrote there is exactly what I was just thinking. Will that change in the future…I doubt it. LOL. We always get it done though! I just finished and feel so much better! Good luck with yours!

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  5. I know this only too well! You’re making me think today about that question, “Why is this always a scramble?” –but about what it is about the way teaching and schools are set up that it’s always a scramble for just about all teachers. My mom once said, “Sometimes the best way to find balance is to have different things out of balance at different times.” I think of that often as I struggle with my own balance. It sounds like you have a good system for yourself!

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  6. Oh what a night!!! I couldn’t agree more about finding the balance. I used to bring that guilt bag inside but just couldn’t take the staring contests any longer. I’ve been working to get things done at school and take care of all the other areas outside of it.

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