Gutter Ball!

My child is as wild as they come-daring, adventurous and a little spitfire. He has more personality than I could have ever imagined, and I love it. All of it! I have put it out there that I can see myself being called to the principal’s office years down the road with my son sitting there saying “I didn’t know it was silly string,” or, “You didn’t tell me not to say THAT word at school.”

So today, we took my son bowling for the first time. Being a parent has so many wonderful moments, there are challenges every day too, but the rewarding moments outweigh it every time. Today was one of those special moments. We walked into the bowling alley, my son’s jaw literally dropped. He was staring at the multiple bowling lanes with people throwing the ball down the long wood grain towards the pins. He couldn’t take his eyes off everything going on. I looked at his face and I stopped and laughed. This was a scene I have seem dozens of times, and I just took it for granted as I walked in because it was what I expected.

So, I decided to take this experience in from his perspective. If this had been your first time to a bowling alley this would have been quite a sight to see! The noise, the people, the crashing of pins. They say that kids teach you so much, and it is so true. It just makes you stop and look at things so simply, the way that children have that beautiful ability to do. He thought this place was Disneyland! In the eyes of our kids, we are heros for providing what we think are these simple moments, but yet to them it is the best thing ever!

We had bumpers for him and this cool ramp that he could roll the ball down. At one time he was beating the majority of the people on the team with these simple hacks! He had a blast and so did we!

As we were leaving he turned to us and said, ” I had so much fun!” Not as much fun as I did, buddy! Love watching you explore this big world!

3 thoughts on “Gutter Ball!

  1. Glad your son was feeling better! I love how you describe his wonder at seeing the bowling alley. In some ways, seeing through a kid’s eyes is similar to seeing through a writer’s eyes. You’ve captured both!

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