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My Birthday Month Has Begun!

Today is the first day of our Slice of Life challenge, and it is also the first day of March. The first day of March is always a very exciting day for me, because my birthday falls in March. I am one of those people that take birthday celebrating to an extreme! I celebrate ALL month long starting today, March 1st.

In the building that I work in, my coworkers know how much I love my birthday, and how I love celebrating it continuously. Over the years everyone has laughed at how much I love my birthday, and they have gone out of their way to wish me happy birthday, make a silly comment or join in the fun of all the running jokes.

Today started out to be no different. I received a text from my brother-in-law saying happy birthday to me. (Even though it isn’t for a couple of weeks.) He sends me this text EVERY March 1st! I love it. I though that was going to be the only mention of it today, because it really is far away still. However, as I was walking to the LRC for our teacher’s institute meeting today, I stopped in the lounge to fill up my water bottle. My dear friend and teaching partner had made a sign that said “Sarah’s birthday is in 20 days” and she brought in my favorite candy to share! I was so surprised! I of course asked someone to take my picture with the sign. When I walked into the meeting, everyone laughed, said happy birthday and watched my reaction to the surprise. I ran over and gave my teaching partner a hug. She is so thoughtful and makes regular days, like March 1st, so very fun! I couldn’t do this job without her!


7 responses to “My Birthday Month Has Begun!”

  1. Happy birthday month! May it bring you much joy…and cake.


  2. Congrats on starting your birthday month, and your March writing journey. My birthday is March 14. I have always loved it because its pi day, and the joke is that I hate cake but love pie! Oh, and Happy Birthday!


  3. Happy Birthday, Sarah! Haha! Love that you celebrate all month long.


  4. I love this post! I should join you as I’m a March baby too. In one week, I will celebrate my official birthday, but maybe I should follow your lead and stretch out the celebration a little longer. I also love that my daughter has a March birthday, too!


  5. Sarah I like to celebrate my birthday month too! We used to make a big of birthdays in my family growing up. The week of our birthday we got pick out the dinner menu. It was a blast! Enjoy your birthday month!


  6. So fun! I totally relate with your excitement about March, because my birthday is in March, too, but I’m realizing after reading your post that I haven’t trained the people in my life properly. 🙂 I’m going to have to get on it. You sound like you have a fabulous teaching partner!


  7. Welcome to Slice of Life and what a great way to kick off the month – writing about your up coming birthday! Happy Early Birthday to you!


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